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Point E - Thomas Muir birthplace, Huntershill, Bishopbriggs

Huntershill in Bishopbriggs is the birthplace of Thomas Muir – a Scottish hero, who along with others, fought for Democracy – in a heroic and dramatic way… He was an advocate and political reformer in the late 18th Century. He died at the age of 33 in revolutionary France.

He fought for ordinary people to get a vote, and in the process his story is one of heroism and adventure worthy of a film! Part of the Scottish reform movement, a revolutionary hero in America, appointed Minister of The Scottish Republic by the French Revolutionary Government, as well as an inspiration for Robert Burns, a friend of Thomas Paine (who wrote the “Rights of Man”/”Common Sense”) and a leading figure of the Scottish Political Martyrs. He was finally restored to the faculty of Advocates, after more than 200 years, in 2020: 

“‘Father of Scottish democracy’ Thomas Muir of Huntershill restored to roll of Faculty”

“It’s right that reformer Thomas Muir is properly recognised”

The house is sadly needing some care and attention but it’s possible to walk the Thomas Muir Heritage Trail, for which there is a link above.

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Dumgoyne, CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons
Thomas Muir Trail – photo J. Wilson

Thomas Muir Trail:

Thomas Muir is remembered in the Political Martyrs’ Monument in Edinburgh’s Old Calton Hill Burial Ground which is part of another EuroWalk.