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Point F - Floors Farm, Eaglesham, Rudolf Hess history

On the 10 May 1941, during World War Two, a German airman parachuted out of his Messerschmitt Bf 110 just before it crashed near Floors farm in Eaglesham to the south of Glasgow. He was promptly arrested by a local farmer. The airman demanded to speak to the Duke of Hamilton as he had an important message for him. The airman turned out to be Rudolf Hess, deputy Fuhrer of The Third Reich and who was behind only Herman Goering in the hierarchy of the Nazi regime. He was apparently wanting to broker a peace deal between Britain and Germany. Read more about the incident from the various links below. And if you know of the position of the plaque indicating the exact landing spot, we’d be interested to hear more.

The plane wreckage at Eaglesham 
Public domain photo due to its age.

Photo attribute thanks for scanning to Ian Dunster, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Messerschmitt landing:

A few conspiracies etc about the incident:

Schoolgirl spotted the plane:

A few conspiracies etc about the incident:

And a connection too to the now ruined Buchanan Castle near Drymen to the north west of Glasgow: