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West of Scotland Area

Point B - Chatelherault Country Park/Cadzow Castle

Photos thanks to J. Marriott

Chatelherault Country Park and Cadzow Castle have historic links as far back as Robert the Bruce and then Mary Queen of Scots. The Chatelherault name derives from when James Hamilton, 2nd Earl of Arran was rewarded the Dukedom of Châtellerault by King Henry II of France in 1543 after the strategic key role he played in arranging Mary’s betrothal to the French Dauphin, Francois, in 1559.

Hamilton Mausoleum, where the 10th Duke was interred, though they were later re-buried in Hamilton’s Bent Cemetery, had until recently the longest-lasting echo of any building in the world!  The record was recently beaten by another Scottish man-made structure, an underground fuel depot in Invergordon!