Welcome to a journey of discovery

The town of St Andrews, on the east coast of Fife in Scotland, has been an international centre of learning for over 600 years and, more recently, become a mecca for golfers from across the globe. This walk celebrates, in particular, the many historical connections between the town and other European nations.

View of cathedral ruin from St Salvator’s tower

The aim of this website is to provide a practical walking guide as well as an armchair exercise for those unable to visit St Andrews. The complete circular walk is approximately 2.5 miles or 4 kilometres long, mostly over level ground apart from an inclined footpath down towards the harbour and, later along the walk, a short flight of steps which can be avoided by taking a more circuitous route.

Follow the route round the town or click on a flag to see the European connection.

The EuroWalk begins in St Salvator’s quadrangle, the central focus of St Andrews University, whose other premises are located throughout the town and beyond. The principal building in the quadrangle is the Chapel, consecrated in 1460, and at which the circular EuroWalk ends.

The main points of interest visited along the route marked on the map are: A – St Salvator’s Quadrangle; B – The Castle; C – The Harbour; D – Queen Mary’s House; E – A Cross in the Roadway; F – The Town Hall; G – Kinburn Park; H – The 18th Green and I – St Salvator’s Chapel. They are linked in sequence through this website. 

There are plentiful opportunities to stop for refreshments along the route – many with a continental flavour.


Image © University of St Andrews