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Picture Round

Picture 1

In which city will you find this former trades hall that shows strong European architectural influences?

Picture 2

In which city will you find this building modelled on the Ca d’Oro building in Venice ?

Picture 3

Where will you find this building that acts as an Icelandic Consulate ?

Picture 4

Where will you find this Royal Palace that had strong European connections over the years?

Picture 5

Where in Scotland will you find this carving of Joan of Arc ? Locally known as Jeannie D’Ark, which commemorates connections to the Scottish troops who accompanied here in her campaign against the English to restore the Dauphin, the future Charles VII to the throne of France?

One of those killed at the Battle of Verneuil in 1424 was the ancestor of John Erskine, Earl of Mar, Hereditary Keeper of Stirling Castle. One theory recounts that Erskine was believed to have included a statue of St. Joan of Arc on the frontage of his new renaissance palace at Mar’s Wark (1570) to commemorate his ancestor