Perth EuroWalk

Point C - Twin Towns

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Location: Tay Street

Along Tay Street between Queens Bridge and Perth Bridge, look at the carvings on the River Tay’s flood defence wall. A number of the carvings are coats of arms of Perth’s twin towns including Aschaffenburg (Germany), Bydgoszcz (Poland), Cognac (France) and Pskov (Russia). There is also a plaque to Aschaffenburg in the St. John’s Centre as the centre was opened in 1988 by their Mayor on a visit to Perth.

Coat of arms of the the city of Bydgoszcz (Poland), twinned with Perth – Photo thanks to Susannah Rae

Further information about the public art display can be found in this interactive online website.

The Eagle of Perth by Shona Kinloch – Photo thanks to Susannah Rae

The Eagle of Perth sculpture by Shona Kinloch can be seen across from the Royal George Hotel, is based on the history of a ship called “The Eagle”. The ship was built in 1839 by the Merchant Guild of Perth, to improve trade, particularly with The Baltic. Some history of the ship and her sister ship The Rose can be found towards the end of this local history document.

Walking Route Instructions: From The Eagle of Perth sculpture we will now walk back a little and cross at the pedestrian crossing to High Street and the building on the corner of Tay Street and High Street, where we will make our next stop.