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Point L - Scapa Flow Museum (Lyness, Island of Hoy) – Day visit from Kirkwall

The Scapa Flow Museum – Photo J. Wilson

The Scapa Flow Museum at Lyness on the Island of Hoy is well worth a visit.

SMS Baden Model – photo J. Wilson

There is much to see in the museum and just one example is this model of the SMS Baden, a ship which was one of the largest and most powerful battleships of the Imperial German navy. The ship entered service in 1917 and was interned at Scapa Flow. Her crew attempted to scuttle her in 1919 but she was beached and subsequently used as a gunnery target. It would be possible to spend a few hours at the museum reading the history of Scapa Flow and the memories of the local people whose lives were very much impacted during World Wars 1 and 2. There are also memories and momentos from many of those who served here.

The Arctic Convoy memorial – Photo J. Wilson

The memorial to those who took part in the Russian Arctic convoys was unveiled in 2009 and can be seen in front of the Scapa Flow museum. It remembers those who sailed from Scapa Flow on the Arctic Convoys between 1941 and 1945. The Arctic Convoys were Merchant Navy ships that were escorted by warships and provided with aircover that transported millions of tons of supplies and munitions from the UK to northern ports in the Soviet Union. The voyages were dangerous and travelled between pack ice or near the dangerous Norwegian coast.

Lyness Naval Cemetery – photo J. Wilson

The Lyness Naval cemetery is a short walk from the Scapa Flow museum and is well worth a visit.