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In the Footsteps of St Mungo

Point D - Provand’s Lordship

Provands Lordship – photo J. Wilson

Walking Route Instructions: We have crossed at the pedestrian crossing and arrive at Provand’s Lordship.

The oldest existing house in Glasgow. Built in 1471 by Bishop Muirhead, who had previously built St Nicholas’ Chapel (to the south of Provands Lordship) in 1456, along with St Nicholas’ Hospital which adjoined it.  Bishop Muirhead, as Bishop of Glasgow was appointed to the Council of Regency which ruled Scotland until James III was old enough to take over.  James III was only 9 years old when James II died. Bishop Muirhead was sent as ambassador to arrange the marriage of young James to Margaret, princess of Denmark, which took place in 1469.  At the same time, he helped negotiate the cession of the Orkney and Shetland Islands from Norway to Scotland.

Information about opening hours etc can be found here from Glasgow Life Provand’s Lordship — Glasgow Life

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(Note: The Maid of Norway is featured on one panel of the Scottish diaspora tapestry:

Walking Route Instructions: As you come out of Provands Lordship, turn left and walk to Cathedral Street which we will turn left into and walk along. Walking straight on from here you will arrive at the Strathclyde University Campus.