Glasgow Eurowalk 5 – around Kelvingrove (3 KM)

Point A - St Simons Church

Photos J. Wilson May 2021

Sadly in August 2021, this church, which is so important to the community and is also historic, was destroyed by fire. It is hoped that some sort of restoration project can be done, but we feel it is still important to mark it as a stop on our Eurowalk due to its historic importance.

The Roman Catholic Parish Church of St Simon which was linked with St Peters in Partick and hosts Polish Masses. (similarly with St Anne’s in Dennistoun). In front of the church there is/was a Memorial Stone in Polish which translates:

During the second World War Polish soldiers on leave from the battlefields came to this church to attend Mass together to hear the word of God in their native tongue, to sing their Polish hymns, and to thank Our Lady, Queen of Poland, for this touch of home.

The Polish community of Glasgow has through the years felt deeply grateful to Father Patrick Tierney for the privilege he has accorded them of celebrating the Polish Mass in this Church and for the many kindnesses received from him and the parishioners. and in English: “I was a stranger and you took me in” Matthew 25:35

Two stained glass windows featured:

GOOD CONQUERS EVIL: Fr Jerzy Popieluszko who died a martyr’s death at the hands of people who have created a political system based on hatred and lies. This priest defended human solidarity, conquering evil with good.

LOVE IS STRONGER THAN DEATH: In Auschwitz Father Maximilian Maria Kolbe, now Saint Maximilian Kolbe, gave his life for the sake of another.

Design: Danish Jukni, Albania Craftsman: Barbara Breitling, Warsaw Sponsors: Polish folk song & dance group, RYSY and the Polish Saturday School

Blessing on 23rd June 1996 at St Simon’s church by Cardinal Thomas Winning.