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Glasgow Eurowalk 5 – around Kelvingrove (3 KM)

Point B - Kelvin Way Bridge

The Kelvin Way bridge has an interesting history. Completed in 1914, with four magnificent bronze sculptures on each corner representing “Peace and War”, “Commerce and Industry”, “Philosophy and Inspiration” and “Navigation and Shipbuilding” sculpted by Paul Raphael Montford, it was hit by a landmine during the Clydebank Blitz and ironically the “Peace and War” statue ended up falling into the River Kelvin, 

War and Peace statue close up – Photo J. Wilson

The statue was finally rescued in 1949 and the sculpture was restored by Estonian born Sculptor Benno Schotz.  Finally, two arms from the statue were rescued from the river in the hot summer of 1991 to complete the restoration of the figures! (though I note that the plaque remembering the restoration seems to be on the Philosophy and Inspiration one …) 

Photos – J. Wilson
Navigation and Shipbuilding – photo J. Wilson
Commerce and Industry – Photo J. Wilson
Philosophy and Inspiration – Photo J. Wilson