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A Saunter Along Sauchiehall Street (3 km)

Point I - The Old Athenaeum

Photo J. Wilson

On Buchanan Street, this interesting building was designed by architect John James Burnet, who had studied in Paris for two years and also made a study tour of Italy to study Baroque architecture. The name “Atheneum” can be seen carved in stone above the entrance. This was a purpose-built drama school! 

Photo J. Wilson

If you visit the interior that is now used as a bar/restaurant you can see hints of the original purpose in the architecture. The theatre school itself now exists as the “New Athenaeum” in the Royal Conservatoire

Some interior photos can be viewed at

You can also see the Athenaeum theatre in Nelson Mandela Square just round the corner on the same block, where they studied English French German and Italian –

End of Walk

At this point you are not far from the Buchanan Street Subway Station – there is an entrance in the middle of Buchanan Street. You can return to the Kelvinbridge Subway station from here and to near the start of our walk.