Glasgow Eurowalk 4 – A Saunter Along Sauchiehall Street (3 km)

Point C - Glasgow School of Art

Photo: J.Wilson

Glasgow School of Art was the masterpiece of Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Built on a hilltop with views over Glasgow.

Sadly the original Rennie Mackintosh designed Art School on Renfrew Street has been the victim of two recent devastating fires and is now undergoing an extensive rebuilding. It is hoped that it can be restored. But perhaps at least to get a flavour of the location might help you to understand the history of the great architect Rennie Mackintosh, who had European influences having won a scholarship to study in Italy and also spent time in the South of France painting. For further information:

There is a very interesting history of the Paris-born French Professor of Architectural Design at the Glasgow School of Art, Eugene Bourdon, who was the School’s first professor of Architectural Design. His teaching had a huge influence on the architecture seen in Glasgow. He was killed in 1916 at the Battle of the Somme.

Interesting links here about how Glasgow embraced some of the modern ideas from the Continent in regards to new art and architecture movements –