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Around the Town Centre

Point I - Trades Hall

Walking Route Instructions : The Trades Hall can be found at 85 Glassford Street.

Trades Hall

The Trades Hall is the oldest building in Glasgow that is still used for its original purpose. It has been home to the Trades House since 1794. Robert Adam was the architect who won the commission to build this in 1791 but sadly died before its completion, so his younger brothers James and William oversaw the project to completion. It was the home of 14 Guilds and Trades such as milliners, bakers, skinners, etc and included the Cordiners, the leather workers, named after Cordoba in Spain where the finest leathers were produced.

There is an online Virtual Museum for the Trades House – The Trades House Virtual Museum – Home (

The trades and guilds were formed across Europe, to partly have standards and also ensure each trade made income out of their part of the work. Some became very powerful. They were part of the councils of the city though in Glasgow this role is now symbolic as they attend council meetings but do not vote.

Some history of the Guilds across Europe:

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Walking Route Instructions : Continue down Glassford Street and turn left into Wilson Street. Walk about three blocks along to Candleriggs where we turn left and reach our final stop of the City Halls, where you may also like to visit the Old Fruitmarket.