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Around the Town Centre

Point G - The Italian Centre

Walking Route Instructions : The Italian Centre is found at John Street.

The Italian Centre – Images by J Wilson
The Italia Statue

The Italian Centre opened in 1991. The design is based on an Italian-style palazzo, with cafes and fashion boutiques around a central courtyard. Many famous brands have been located here, including Versace Collections (the UK’s first Versace store) and Emporio Armani. However although these brands are no longer situated here, it is still home to some high class fashion boutiques and eating places. 

There are various statues … the John Street Mercury statue (the God of commerce) and the Italia statue on the rooftop (pictured). which were designed by architect Alexander Stoddart – 

Also Artist Shona Kinloch has two statues in the courtyard “Thinking of Bella” – of a man and a dog both gazing upwards.

Walking Route Instructions : To get to our next stop, walk down John Street to Ingram Street and turn left and then first right into Hutcheson Street. Walk down Hutcheson Street to its junction with Garth Road. The building on your left that is facing down Garth Road is our next stop, featured on the next page of our walk.