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Around the Town Centre

Point E - The Connal Building

Walking Route Instructions : The Connal Building is situated on the corner of West George Street and Dundas Street.

Connall Building – Photo J. Wilson

This impressive building, which is one of the most ornamental in Glasgow, was built in 1896 for William and Company warehouse keepers and traders.

The building is modeled after the Ritterhaus in Germany. The building was designed by the architect James Thompson. He designed a few commercial buildings around the city. All of these buildings feature carved portraits somewhere on their façade. 

Amongst the carvings you will spot a train and other ironworks. Also carvings of Watt and Donaldson and Connal. Between the windows stone heads seem to be supporting columns.

Image of the Ritterhaus on Wikimedia Commons by Immanuel Giel : File:Hotel zum Ritter Heidelberg.jpg – Wikimedia Commons

Some reference material is here:

Walking Route Instructions : Our next stop is George Square and the City Chambers so return the way we came, along West George Street and cross onto George Square,