Glasgow Eurowalk 6 – Around the Town Centre

Point C - The Duke

Photo credit: Jen Wilson, Glasgow Loves EU.

The Duke of Wellington Statue has become a pretty iconic image of Glasgow! Located on Royal Exchange Square outside the Gallery of Modern Art. The statue was sculpted by Italian artist Carlo Marochetti and erected in 1844. Read more about Carlo Marochetti: Carlo Marochetti – Wikipedia

The Duke of Wellington is the first Duke of Wellington, who was born in Dublin and was twice British Prime Minister.

The Duke statue is standing in front of the Gallery of Modern Art, which came third in the inaugural European Art Museum Awards in 2021 : Gallery of Modern Art — Glasgow Life.

This new European Museum Academy Award is dedicated to honour and highlight museum projects that work with art in an innovative and creative way to highlight current social issues. It is about museums functioning as “social arenas” and societally relevant meeting places. The award is built upon democratic and human values that should be the driving force for how museums operate in the 21st century. It is meant to identify new role models of excellence showcasing the social role of museums.

Walking Route Instructions : From The Duke statue, travel up Queen Street towards George Square. As you reach George Square, turn left into St Vincent Place where you will find The Anchor Line restaurant.