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Glasgow Eurowalk 2

Point H - Clyde Navigation Trust and some Greek Gods!

Photo : J. Wilson

This spectacular building is the domed Clyde Navigation Trust Building (now The Clydeport Building). The Trust, established by Act of Parliament in 1858, brought city fathers, shipbuilders, merchants and industrialists together to develop and manage the River Clyde and its trade.

The building was designed by Glasgow architect J. J. Burnet (1882-86 and extended in 1905-8 in an Italianate Baroque style.  Carvings by sculptor John Mossman featuring Father Clyde Enthroned and figures of the Sea Gods Poseidon and Amphitrite with Seahorses and their son Triton, and the Greek Goddess of harvest and agriculture, Demeter leading a Bull. 

There are also statues of Thomas Telford, James Watt and Henry Bell, by Albert Hodge (1908)

Walking Route Instructions: The next two stops on this walk are now quite a hike along the Clyde, so please check the distance on the map. To get to the next stop, walk 1.4 km along the walkway and pavements along the Clyde and under the Kingston Bridge and you will find the Finnieston Titan Crane adjacent to the SEC Conference Centre and the Hydro Arena complex.