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Glasgow Eurowalk 2

Point D - Italian Cloister Garden

Walking Route Instructions: As you walk along the Clyde St River Clyde walkway, you will see St Andrews Cathedral. Adjacent to the Cathedral, is the Italian Cloister Garden.

The garden was opened in 2011. The centrepiece is a memorial to the Arandora Star tragedy from WW2. The liner, the Arandora Star, was sunk while carrying mainly Scots-Italian civilians who had been rounded up from their homes, shops and cafes as “enemy aliens” in 1940.  The names of each of these civilians has been carved on the central plinth. The monument was designed by Roman architect Giulia Chiarini. The mirrored plinths carry inscriptions from the Gospel and the Italian poets. A 200 year old olive tree, which was gifted by the people of Tuscany as a sign of peace and reconciliation is planted at its centre and a fountain and stream traverse garden as symbols of life and hope.

Photo : J.Wilson ,2021

There is a Panel to commemorate the Arandora Star tragedy on the Scottish Diaspora Tapestry:

Walking Route Instructions: Stay on this side of the road and walk along the pavement and about 100metres further on you will find our next stop, the Customs House building.