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Edinburgh New Town Eurowalk

Point H - Sir William McTaggart, painter, and Fanny Aavatsmark, Norwegian patriot and journalist

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Location: 4 Drummond Place

Sir William MacTaggart was a Scottish painter known, not always to universal acclaim, for his landscapes, including of France and Norway. (He is sometimes called William MacTaggart the Younger to distinguish him from his grandfather, of the same name and also an artist.) He went to Edinburgh College of Art between 1918 and 1921, and with other young artists like William Gillies, Anne Redpath, John Maxwell and William Crozier formed the “Edinburgh School” of artists. He was an admirer of the Norwegian artist, Edvard Munch.

Fanny Aavatsmark was the daughter of a Norwegian Major General and politician and the Finnish-Swedish singer Ida Flodin, After graduating, she studied art and music in Kristiania, Copenhagen and France. In 1937 Fanny and MacTaggart married, having met in France where they travelled regularly after marriage. Fanny began working for Norwegian and Finnish newspapers and as a long-time Edinburgh correspondent for Aftenposten. During World War II, she worked for the Norwegian branch of the BBC, and headed the Norwegian Government’s Information Office in Scotland from 1942–1946.

You can read more about Sir William MacTaggart and Fanny Aavatsmark here.

Continue walking West along London Road for about 80 metres until you reach Drummond Place. Turn left on Drummond Place and walk round the Square until you reach a T-junction after about 210 metres. Turn right, staying on Drummond Place, and after another 50 metres, turn left onto Great King Street. Walk for about 400 metres until you get to 84 Great King Street, the home of Felix Yaniewicz, the co-founder of our world-famous Edinburgh Festival.

Picture credits: Stuart Baillie Strong/Edinburgh4Europe