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Leith Eurowalk

Point F - Lamb’s House/ The Icelandic consulate

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Location: 11 Water’ Close

Lamb’s House

Built in 1610 by Andrew Lamb, this was for many years the finest merchant’s house in Leith. It may be on the site of the house referred to when Mary Queen of Scots landed in 1561 and stopped “at the house of Andre Lamb … beit the space of ane hour” before being escorted to Holyrood Palace.

The house has continental features such as crow stepped gables and a pantiled roof. Rescued and restored in 1938 by the 4th Marquess of Bute, it later became a day centre for the elderly and again deteriorated until in 2000 it was acquired by Groves-Raines Architects. Over the next three years it was restored as their office and home. It also houses the Icelandic consulate since Kristin Hannesdottir, Nicholas Groves-Raines’ wife, is an Icelander and the Honorary Vice-Consul for Iceland.

From the front of Lamb’s House, walk forwards along Waters’ Close for 50 metres until you reach The Shore. Turn left and walk for 100 metres to the junction with Sandport Place. At Sandport Place, turn slightly right and walk onto Coalhill (note: do not walk over the bridge; Coalhill runs along the side of The Water of Leith). Walk about 100 metres along Coalhill then turn left into Parliament Street.

Picture Credits: Denise Fisher, Bill Rodger/Edinburgh4Europe 2021