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Town twinning

Finally, here are some direction signs to tell Dunfermline’s citizens where their European twin towns are located. (24)

Signpost in the public park.

The two photos below are enlargements of these signs showing five twin towns. One of them, Sarasota, is in Florida but there are four European twin towns listed.

Vichy, France, twinned 1990, does not appear on the signs.

Albufeira, Portugal, 1332 miles away, twinned 1995 (mis-spelt on the sign!).
Logroño, Spain, 943 miles away, twinned 1990.
Wilhelmshaven, Germany, 493 miles away, twinned 1979.

Trondheim, Norway, 698 miles away, the first Dunfermline twin town in 1945, one of the first in Scotland.

The link with the Norwegian city is marked by a time capsule, buried in August 2000 during a return visit by members of the original 1946 youth exchange visit from Trondheim. The time capsule is due to be opened in August 2025.

The capsule is buried in the ground alongside a large sign with a map of the Pittencrieff Park, just inside the Louise Carnegie Gates.


Image credits – Martin Wilkinson