King Malcolm’s Tower

King Malcolm’s Tower (3) is further down the Tower Burn, just about 100m west of the Abbey in Pittencrieff Park, which can be entered by the gates in St Catherine’s Wynd just across the road from the steps up to the Abbey. It is believed that Margaret and Malcolm lived in a wooden tower house with a stone base on a tall rock outcrop towering over the Burn. All that remains now is the stone ruins of part of the base on which the wooden tower stood. It is on the highest point in the park and would have had commanding views over south Fife toward Edinburgh. Although the view is now obscured by the green houses and tree foliage if you go mid-winter you can get a good view towards the Forth when the trees are not in leaf.

Malcolm’s Tower information board.

Take the steps to the right of the main path and climb the hill to the remains of the tower. Note the derivation of the town’s name on the blue board.

The stone remains of the base of Malcolm’s Tower.
Artist’s impression of Malcolm’s Tower on the hill overlooking the Tower Burn without being obscured by today’s foliage.


Image credits (photographs) – Martin Wilkinson
Illustration of Malcolm’s tower © Royal Dunfermline, CC BY-SA 3.0