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Extended walk

The city centre of Dunfermline is rich in very old features related to history with Europe. They are described in the following pages and indicated with numbered red stars on the city centre map below. The numbers appear in brackets after the site’s first mention. They are not in any particular walking order but many are close together in the Heritage Quarter around the Abbey. St Margaret’s Cave, site 2, is in a large car park. A quick way into this on foot which is not clear from the map is down a flight of steps just north of site 22 the recent shop front mural of St Margaret.

Directions to European connections with surrounding areas and Dunfermline suburbs, which cannot easily be visited on a Dunfermline city centre walk, are available here.

City Centre locations are indicated by red stars:

Streets with names relevant to our story are indicated by yellow circles:

  • A – St Margaret Street
  • B – St Margaret Drive (A823 dual carriageway)
  • CQueen Anne Street
  • DWinterthur Lane (named after the Swiss Winterthur Silk Mills which were beside this lane)


Map credit – OpenStreetMaps