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Coming north from Margaret’s ferry at Queensferry

The ferry established by Margaret continued in various forms until it became a vehicle ferry which was finally replaced by the Forth Road Bridge in 1964. Its location has shifted slightly over the centuries.

The Binks (14) at South Queensferry is where its southern landing was thought to be in Margaret’s time. This can be seen from a public car park and the shore seen at low tide has large rocks, seaward of the man-made bank of the car park, suitable to make the landing as explained on the blue plaque shown below. The entrance to the car park is just to the west (left) of the junction of B907 and B924.

Location of The Binks car park.
The site of Margaret’s ferry landing.

At North Queensferry the boats were said to come ashore in the bay just east of the present ferry slip. Coastal protection works of the last century have covered the upper shore.

Bay at North Queensferry at Battery Road, where Margaret’s ferry was said to land.


Map credit – OpenStreetMaps
Image credits – Martin Wilkinson