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Where are sites described in following pages which are not on the city centre map:

  • The A823 road south from the city centre towards Edinburgh leads to two sites:
    • 18Erskine Beveridge Court is only a short distance from the centre, on the left, going south, about 100 yards after the dual carriageway of St Margaret Drive ends on a roundabout under a railway viaduct.
    • 11St Margaret’s Stone is about 2 miles south of the city centre, still on the A823. At the third roundabout after Erskine Beveridge Court (the last roundabout before the one at the start of the motorway A823(M). Turn right at the roundabout into Pitreavie Way, on the south side of the Lloyd’s Bank Centre, and the stone is set in a clearing in bushes on the north side pavement about 100 yards from the roundabout. Be careful about parking since this road is the main route from the town’s fire station.
  • 19 Castleblair Works is included in the account to complete the narrative and is not really worth a visit, but is on Castleblair Lane, off Mill St., just north of the city centre.
  • 14 – The location of The Binks at South Queensferry is shown on a local map.
  • 15St James Church, North Queensferry. Follow the main road into North Queensferry and turn left at the last junction before the road comes to an end at the disused ferry slip. This should bring you onto Battery Road, which goes towards the Forth Rail Bridge, separated from the sea by a wall.  The bay beneath that wall is thought to be the landing place for St Margaret’s regular ferry for pilgrims but in the absence in past centuries, of the banked-up road, which you are on, the sea would have come further up onto the land, possibly to the edge of St James Church which is now set one block back from the sea and Battery Road. There may be parking space on Battery Road but, if not, there is a car park for visitors on the left, just before you get to the signs prohibiting further progress towards the rail bridge. There are interpretative boards and maps on display where you entered Battery Road. Just follow directions to St James Church.
  • 1 – St Margaret’s Hope now St Margaret’s Marsh. There is a footpath on the man-made bank separating the marsh from the Firth of Forth, which gives increasingly impressive views of the three bridges as you go along it towards the dockyard.  There is also a path branching off from this which does a circuit of the marsh. These are shown on a map along with historical and nature notes on an interpretative board where the path leaves the main road into North Queensferry, just before it goes underneath the bridge with new approach roads to the Queensferry Crossing, the second road bridge. There is no defined car park but there is a short dead-end road where you turn off, before the footpath starts, on which visitors to the path park.
  • 16St Peter’s Church and 17Half Crown Pub – in Inverkeithing. Both can be best seen if you park in the car parking spaces on the east side of the main square in Inverkeithing.  Other car parks are available nearby, follow signs, if the square is full. St Peter’s Church is about 100 yards north on the east side of the main road. The Half Crown pub is in the middle of the terrace of buildings on the east side of the square.