Point D - Slessor Gardens

Walking Route Instructions: Cross the road towards the Slessor Gardens from the V&A, and the Baltic Garden is in the far left corner.

Slessor Gardens – photo J. Wilson

Across the road from the V&A, these gardens and open space feature a number of themed flower beds. One set of four flowerbeds celebrates Dundee’s international and historic global trading links with the Baltic States, Asia and the Americas and the Caribbean.

Dundee has maintained many trading partnerships throughout the world to this day. In the early 1800’s ports in the Baltic Sea were regularly receiving vessels from Dundee. Such ports included Stockholm, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Riga, Danzig and St Petersburg. The planting in this garden reflects the colours and textures of the Baltic and Northern European regions.

The Gardens have actually been built where the Earl Grey dock and King William IV dock used to be situated – the docks can be seen in this old photograph – Dundee, general view, showing Earl Grey Dock, King William IV Dock and Tidal Harbour. Oblique aerial photograph taken facing north. | Canmore

The Gardens are also home to a Jannetta’s Gelateria ice cream parlour. Jannettas at the Dundee Waterfront | Jannettas Gelateria. This is a reminder of the many Italians who came to Scotland, bringing Italian café culture with them. The Jannetta family business was started by Bennett Jannetta at South Street, St Andrews in 1908.

Description of what the docks used to look like: Earl Grey Dock | Maritime Trail (dundeemaritime.co.uk)

Baltic Gardens – photo J. Wilson

Walking Route Instructions: From the Baltic Garden in Slessor Gardens, to get to our next stop, we need to head up towards the centre of town. Make your way up Crichton Street and on your right you should spot the covered steps walkway that takes you up to the square to the front of the Caird Hall. If you can’t manage the steps then continue up Crichton Street to the High Street and turn right into the Square.