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Point A - Dundee International submarine memorial

Walking Route Instructions: We start our walk at the International Submarine Memorial located in the north eastern end of Victoria Dock. If you parked in the town centre then the best way to get here is to walk from the V&A museum and along the Riverside walk.

This memorial, sculpted by Paul Grime & Jeremy Cunningham is dedicated to the brave submarine crews that were based in Dundee during World War Two and was dedicated in 2009. The memorial has been built at the site of HMS Ambrose, the Dundee Submarine base from World War Two.

Dundee International Submarine Memorial – photo J. Wilson

Between August and October 1939, Dundee Harbour was the home port of the Royal Navy’s 2nd Submarine Flotilla. And then from 18 April 1940 until May 1945, was the base of the 9th Submarine Flotilla, with crews drawn from Britain as well as Poland, the Netherlands, France and Norway after those countries were invaded and occupied by the Nazi regime. Russian submarine crews also operated from Dundee during the summer of 1944. Six submarines and 296 sailors and commandos were lost in these war operations from Dundee.

The individual Memorials are for HMS Oxley (British), HMS Thames (British), Rubis (Free French), Uredd (Norwegian), O13 (Dutch), O22 (Dutch) and B1 (Russia).

Tributes to Submarine crews who were lost – Photo J. Wilson

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Walking Route Instructions: From the Submarine memorial, follow the edge of the dock around to the walkway around the City Quay shopping centre and across the bridge walkway. As you come off the bridge you will see on your left HMS Unicorn, the oldest ship in Scotland. As we come off the walkway, walk straight onwards and down the road towards the Riverside walk along the Tay and make our way to the right towards the V & A Museum.