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Point I - DC Thomson Building

The famous Dundee company, DC Thomson are a leading media company famous for print publications such as the Dundee Courier and the Sunday Post as well as comics such as the Beano and the Dandy. More recently it has moved into digital technology and radio. Their building can be seen directly across from the McManus gallery steps, at 22 Meadowside:

DC Thomson Building – Photo J. Wilson

One employee was George Thomson (1921-2008), who became Lord Thomson as Monifieth, but who for a short time as a young man was the editor of The Dandy, the comic whose most famous character was probably Desperate Dan. (Ref: Bear Alley: George Thomson (1921-2008))

George Thomson had a extensive political career, partly in the Labour party as an MP for Dundee East (1952-72) and latterly in the House of Lords as a Liberal Democrat peer.

From 1973-1977, he was one of the first two UK commissioners to the EEC, serving alongside the Conservative Christopher Soames. George Thomson’s comments at our time of entry in the EEC in 1973 can be read here: We’re in – but without the fireworks | 1970-1979 | Guardian Century (

He also served as the EEC Regional affairs commissioner and later chairman of the European Movement.

To read more about George Thomson: Lord Thomson of Monifieth | Labour | The Guardian

He made a famous speech about the Tindemans Report to the European Movement in Brussels on 1st March 1976 – Read Speech online.

Walking Route Instructions: Our next stop is The Howff cemetery and the entrance can be found directly across from the DC Thomson building on Meadowside.