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Dumfries eurowalk

Point E - Troqueer War Graves

Norwegian Graves, Troqueer Cemetery (Image: P Carson)

From the entrance to the churchyard from Troqueer Road, turn left at the gothic mausoleum and descend towards the river. Between the elevated location of the church and the pathway along River Nith can be found a large graveyard. In the middle of this graveyard, near to the steps down to the riverside pathway, are 62 war graves mainly from WW2 (some WW1) including those of Norwegian servicemen who died during their time in Dumfries.  Spend some time here exploring the graves, around half of the burials are from the UK or other Commonwealth countries, but the remainder are those of European nationals, both allied and axis, now lying at rest together.

The Royal Cypher of HM King Haakon VII of Norway who along with other Norwegian Royals, visited Dumfries regularly during World War 2 (Image: P Carson)